Can You Handle The Home Alone Drinking Game?

Can You Handle The Home Alone Drinking Game?

It’s nearly that time of year again when friends and families gather together in the name of Macaulay Culkin to watch Home Alone.

Written by the late, great, John Hughes and directed by Chris Columbus, Home Alone might just be the perfect Christmas movie – sorry, Die Hard fans.

It’s sweet, funny, and consistently charming. It’s also a movie that holds up on repeat viewings, revealing never-before-noticed Easter Eggs and moments you may not have spotted the first time around.

As Christmas movies go, Home Alone is pretty high up there. There’s just one thing missing though – an excuse to consume copious amounts of alcohol while watching Macaulay Culkin’s Kevin McCallister wreck havoc.

Thankfully, we has put together the perfect drinking game for anyone looking to ramp up the fun of seeing grown men reduced to blubbering messes by a small boy.

For this drinking game, you’ll need the following three things:

  • 1 x Shot Glass (per person).
  • Several spirits of your choosing.
  • Even more beer.

Home Alone Drinking Game

The rules are as follows: Drink one swig of beer every time any of the following happens:

  • Marv or Harry get physically injured
  • John Candy plays a musical instrument
  • Someone tries to call a neighbor on the phone
  • An airplane is shown outside
  • Someone says “Keep the change, ya filthy animal”
  • A police officer appears on screen
  • Someone walks in the snow
  • A Christmas song is played
  • Kevin insults Marv or Harry
  • Harry fake curses

Home Alone Drinking Game

Drink two swigs of beer every time any of the following happens: Someone says the name of a U.S. City

  • Pizza is shown on screen
  • The furnace comes to life
  • Harry’s gold tooth sparkles
  • Marv says “Wet Bandits”
  • Kevin eats something
  • Marv and Harry cling crowbars together
  • Kevin talks back to his parents
  • Someone speaks French
  • Old Man Marley is shown holding a shovel

Home Alone Drinking Game

Drink one shot of neat spirits every time any of the following happens:

  • A Michael Jordan cardboard cutout appears on screen
  • Marv screams
  • Kevin screams
  • Someone hits the statue in from of the house with a car
  • Someone says “Merry Christmas”
  • Kate yells at someone in an airport
  • Uncle Frank does something frugal
  • Buzz’s tarantula appears on screen
  • Fuller takes a drink of soda
  • Kevin fires a BB gun

By the end of the movie, you should be suitably sloshed. If you want to ramp things up even further, we suggest swapping out all of the beer punishments for spirit ones. That’s a lot of alcohol though. Alternatively, just watch the second movie using the same rules. It’s basically a repeat of the first one with the pigeon lady in place of Old Man Marley.

Home Alone Drinking Game

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.

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