There’s a full McBain movie hidden in The Simpsons

There’s a full McBain movie hidden in The Simpsons

Ever watched The Simpsons’ sub-Schwarzenegger movie star McBain and thought he’d be good fodder for his own spinoff movie?

You’re not the only one because buried in The Simpsons is a hidden McBain film that sees the gun-toting renegade cop avenging the death of his partner after he’s murdered by a ruthless drug cartel.

The movie, a short running just under 4 minutes, is actually available to watch online for free courtesy of a YouTuber who’s clipped out each sequence and edited them together to form one connected story.

That’s right, the writers behind those early (and, let’s face it, brilliant) Simpsons episodes were clever enough to bury a long-running Easter egg into the show.

The viewable above film plays out like the demented love child of Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, and Taken. McBain even utters the one-liner “ice to see you”, something Arnie was obliterated for using in Batman & Robin.

It’s well worth a watch, primarily to relive those spectacular one-liners like “that makes two of us”, “bye book” and “meeting adjourned”.

Proof that Rainier Wolfcastle/McBain might be Harry Shearer’s finest hour.

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