As I step into the offices of Crossroads Investigations, the neon lights of Las Vegas fading behind me, I can’t help but feel a world away from everything I’ve ever known. My name is Imogen Merriweather, and until recently, my life was comfortably ensconced in the orderly streets of London. But now, here I am, in this city of endless nights and dazzling illusions, searching for answers that seem as elusive as shadows at dusk.

You see, I’m not your typical visitor seeking the thrill of the casinos or the allure of the shows. My purpose here is far more personal, and, dare I say, desperate. I’m looking for my brother, a magician of some renown who vanished right in the middle of his act. It’s the kind of story that sounds like it’s been plucked straight from one of his grand illusions, but I assure you, this is no act.

Despite my delicate appearance – the blonde hair that falls softly around my face, the big green eyes often mistaken for pools of innocence – I’ve always possessed a resilience that surprises people. Growing up with a brother who made a living out of deceiving audiences has taught me that things are rarely as they appear. And in this city, where the line between reality and illusion is constantly blurred, I find myself questioning everything and trusting no one.

I’ve always been the sensible one, the grounded counterpart to my brother’s flamboyant persona. But as I recount my story to Devlin Cross, the detective with eyes that seem to see right through the façades, I can’t help but feel a flicker of doubt. What if this is just another one of my brother’s elaborate tricks? What if I’m just another pawn in his game of deception?

But then I remember the fear in his assistant’s eyes, the tremor in her voice when she told me he hadn’t returned after the show. This isn’t just another performance. Something sinister is at play, and I’m caught in the middle of it.

So here I am, in a city that thrives on spectacle, seeking answers about my brother’s disappearance. I’m Imogen Merriweather, a woman who’s always been content in the background, now thrust into a role I never expected to play. And as much as I long for the safety and predictability of my life back in London, I know I can’t leave until I uncover the truth – no matter how deceptive or dangerous it may be.

Imogen Merriweather

Imogen Merriweather from the Missing Magician