Hello, I’m Ruby Knight. But then again, who I am really depends on who’s asking, doesn’t it? I was born and raised in the glimmering mirage of Las Vegas, a city of dreams and nightmares intertwined. My family? Well, that’s a tale wrapped in whispers and secrets, a story for another, perhaps darker, night.

I appeared in Vegas society like a shadow at dusk – there, yet elusive. Where I was before that is my little secret, one of many. The elite of this city took notice, but they never got close enough to see beyond the façade. That’s how I prefer it.

Who am I? I’m the embodiment of contradiction – a femme fatale in the truest sense. My life is a dance on the tightrope of charm and danger. Beauty and intelligence are my weapons, and I wield them with the precision of a master. But don’t be fooled; my mind is my truest asset. I read people, see through their masks, and play on their desires and fears.

When I walked into Devlin Cross’s office, I knew I was turning to someone as complex as myself. Why did I choose him? Because in a city that thrives on illusions, Devlin seeks the truth, even if it’s as bitter as a neon-lit night. Our paths crossing wasn’t just fate; it was a challenge, a game of wit and intrigue.

Morality? That’s a flexible term for me. I act out of necessity, loyalty, and sometimes even compassion. But always with a purpose. My actions might seem unpredictable, but believe me, there’s always a plan. I’m always several steps ahead, a ghost in the glamorous world of Las Vegas.

My personal life? That’s a story written in shadows. I find company in the beauty of art, the whispers of history in old books, the serene moments in a world that never sleeps. Relationships and attachments – those are vulnerabilities I can’t afford. Trust is a luxury in my world.

So, who is Ruby Knight? I’m the enigma that keeps you guessing, the siren’s song that lures you into the depths. In the “Devlin Cross Series,” I am the mystery that dances just out of reach, the flame that beckons yet burns. I am the heart of Vegas – beautiful, dangerous, and unforgettable.